Mario Faubert, Aerial photographer

Image excellence, nothing less

Over the years, Mario Faubert has earned an enviable reputation as one of Quebec’s top aerial photographers. Part of this reputation is based on Mario Faubert’s impressive track record in helping clients achieve desired results.

Mario Faubert: An eye for capturing the essence of a project


Highly acclaimed for his skills and exceptional talent by a “who’s who” in the field of aerial photography, Mario Faubert has an impressive portfolio. He was selected to contribute to the best-selling “The Earth seen from the Sky” photo collection by famous environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. He has also travelled around the world to capture images highlighting the beauty of our planet. In 2010, Mario Faubert launched his own photo collection called  Nunavik – Québec inconnu, in which he highlights through stunning aerial photography the unseen beauty of Northern Quebec.

Mario Faubert has published a second book in October 2014, Nunavut from the Sky (Sylvain Harvey Editions). In addition, Mario Faubert is currently working on a new project : books gathering photographies from every Canadian provinces and territories. The compilation is in production as of 2015.

Air Photo Max, aerial photography since 1992

For the past 20 years, Mario Faubert has surrounded himself with a team of talented professionals trained to offer his special brand of personalized aerial photography services. The objective is very simple: Image excellence and nothing less. Air Photo Max covers the entire greater Montreal territory and flies on demand to the four corners of Quebec.

Over the years, our aerial photography services have helped many clients achieve their objectives. These include engineers, construction companies, event organizers, etc. Our product is always the same: A very unique and excellent quality of photography and/or video. The idea is to capture a view or a perspective that the naked or untrained eye cannot perceive. We have the experience, the skills and the know-how to do it..

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