Aerial photos taken by drone

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Aerial photos taken by drone: The low-altitude solution

For stunning aerial photographs, the drone is the ideal low-altitude solution for producing highly effective results. Using a drone for aerial photography allows for unique flexibility and ease of access for taking pictures or shooting videos.

Opting for aerial photography by drone offers a number of benefits:

Low-altitude photos and videos

Aerial photography does not necessarily take place at very high altitudes. In some cases, it is necessary to fly no higher than 400 feet to capture every fine detail of a particular scene or event. In such cases we turn to more accessible and better adapted means for taking these aerial images. Drones prove to be the ideal way to obtain more effective photos and videos in low-altitude aerial photography.

Drones are also more effective for taking high-resolution images. Combined with their excellent flexibility, this makes them a highly appreciated and practical asset in the hands of experienced photographers. In addition, Air Photo Max operates with nothing less than a S800 drone to provide a higher quality to your aerial photographs.

(360º) panoramic photography

If the project requires 360-degree panoramic visuals, the drone becomes the indispensable means for taking these pictures. With a drone, we can make framing adjustments and change the camera angle in intricate ways that would be completely impossible from a plane. In essence, for projects requiring panoramic photography, the drone is the ideal solution for rapid deployment and more importantly, for very effective results.

Aerial videos taken by drone

Cali – drones falcon bleu

Parc de la Rivière-des-mille-Îles

Parque del café-Colombie

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