Aerial photos from a plane

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Aerial photos from a plane: Prepare for project take-off

Aerial photography can be done in a variety of ways. One of the widespread methods is aerial photography from a plane. Flying at higher altitudes is excellent for capturing visuals on a larger scale. Results of this type of aerial photography can be very surprising.

Aerial photography by airplane provides a number of benefits:

Aerial photographs taken at altitudes of 1,000 to 13,000 feet

Aerial photography performed from a plane gives you a novel perspective on all kinds of environments. At a high altitude, you can “see things” and pick out elements that go unnoticed in our everyday “down to earth” perspectives. Aerial photography from a plane gives you greater flexibility and provides a global overview of a project. Whatever the nature of the project (industrial, event, personal, etc.), this type of photography offers a breathtaking rendering, which enhances a project’s appeal.

Orthophotography: Pinpoint photographic precision

Are you familiar with orthophotography? This photographic technique gives you a second, much more detailed look at projects relating to territory development, urban planning, etc. By obtaining geo-referenced images, the aerial photographer creates an orthophotographic mosaic with the same rigor as a topographic map. This can then be used by engineers, planners and geographers to obtain a very precise view of the site along with accurate information on the different terrestrial phenomena.

This type of aerial photography has to be carried out at a very high altitude which of course requires the appropriate plane. However not all pilots or aerial photographers possess this type of flying expertise. But we do. In fact, at Air Photo Max, we specialize in this field.

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Aerial videos from a plane

Vidéo aérienne de l’échangeur Turcot à Montréal