Our commitment

An image of excellence

Mario Faubert has a unique vision of excellence. That’s why the entire Air Photo Max team has embraced a total commitment to excellence since 1992. Whether the project calls for aerial photos or videos, the sky’s the limit at Air Photo Max, as the team looks far and wide for the best visual concepts. We serve commercial clients as well as individuals curious about capturing the amazing beauty of the earth when seen from above.

Committed to a diversity of professionals and industries

A diverse range of professionals use the services of Air Photo Max aerial photography including construction contractors, engineers, event organizers, etc. They rely on Air Photo Max to deliver a quality of image that integrates both global concept and minute detail. And we do. In short, we propose the best angle from an aesthetics perspective, then we apply our technical expertise to execute it and, finally, we add our very own originality to all our photos and videos. The result is a product that corresponds in every way to what the client had envisioned.

Avant-garde equipment plus forward-looking techniques

In order to “deliver the goods” and respect the standards promised to clients, we use top-of-the-line photo and video equipment. Our photographers are up-to-the-minute with the latest technologies and select the very best appliances and for creating their unique images. Air Photo Max has recently acquired a camera that goes up to 36 megapixels. This uniqueness is at the core of the excellence achieved in each of our products.

Looking for a compelling new perspective for your project? See the exciting new vistas provided by aerial photography and/or video.