A picture is worth a thousand words. And even more!

An aerial photographer possesses a unique power: the ability to see what cannot be perceived from the usual perspective provided at ground level. The same applies to a specialist in aerial video. These image professionals, suspended between earth and sky, capture images that give wings to all kinds of projects.

For years, Air Photo Max has taken to the skies to capture the best photos and videos for a diversified range of clients. As shown in our portfolio, our experience covers a range of sectors including commercial, industrial, tourism, event organization and even residential.

Air Photo Max is accredited by Transport Canada for the use of commercial drones (ATS-16-1700009847) that can go up to 400 feet to obtain high quality photos and videos taken by professionals!

Discover the latest Air Photo Max project by consulting our most recent book; Nunavut from the sky.
All these customers have one thing in common: They know that with Air Photo Max, they will get excellence—and nothing less!

For greater details, consult the Air Photo Max portfolio