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Le Québec vu d’en haut


For more than 25 years, aviator-photographer Mario Faubert has been crisscrossing the Quebec skies to capture the splendors of our territory through the seasons. His photographs capture fractions of time when everything seems to stand still, but also illustrate surprising movements of intense beauty and rich diversity. He reminds us that we live in a grandiose but fragile territory that we must take care of.

Mario Faubert’s beautiful book will bring together more than 200 breathtaking images from all regions of Quebec, finely selected from tens of thousands.

This will be the first book of aerial images to cover the entire territory of Quebec and to show images taken both by plane and by drone.

A magnificent collector’s item, the book will undoubtedly be a source of pride for all Quebecers and a legacy for future generations.

This beautiful book will please local companies looking for a distinctive corporate gift.

Preface by Major Robert Piché

Some texts come from Gilles Vigneault’s songs and other great Quebec authors

Auteurs : Mario Faubert
Publication date : Octobre 2022
Number of pages: 240 pages on glossy paper, hardback (coffee table book)
Beautiful bilingual book with nearly 200 photos


After several years as an airline pilot, the beauty of landscapes seen from above encouraged Mario Faubert to take up aerial photography. His two passions thus combined allowed him to travel the planet in search of the most beautiful images, notably with the team of The Earth from Above of the famous Yann-Arthus Bertrand. As one of the few aerial photographers to fly a plane, his expertise in piloting and photographing under various conditions allows him to take exceptional, almost surreal shots. Mario Faubert is the author of the beautiful books NUNAVIK, Québec inconnu and NUNAVUT, and has to his credit an important participation in the book OBJECTIF NORD by Serge Bouchard and Jean Désy.