Our philosophy

Image quality without compromise

Photography has become much more commonplace nowadays and professional services are readily available. But capturing the right images is an art that requires years of practice and experience. All images are not created equal. At Air Photo Max we are committed to delivering excellence in all our photo or video work. That’s what sets us apart!

Shooting, printing and complete retouching

Air Photo Max offers clients the advantages of turnkey projects. We provide everything from flight to delivery of the CD or DVD. Based on our experience, we understand the importance of accompanying clients throughout the project and this includes reviewing, editing and retouching every photo delivered, as needed.

This is where the flexibility of Air Photo Max really pays off. We are able to adapt to each new project we undertake. Mario Faubert begins by listening very carefully to what the client wants. Once we have a clear understanding of the situation, we are able deliver a solution that meets the need very effectively.

The following photo formats are available:

  • 4″ X 6″
  • 2″ X 18″
  • 16″ X 24″
  • 20″ X 30″
  • 24″ X 36″
  • Large customized format
  • Digital format (TIFF, JPG, RAW)

To ensure the impeccable quality of all our photographs, we offer one hour of computer-graphics processing for each of our projects.

The power of “a different perspective”

Mario Faubert and his team spent years perfecting the art of capturing unique and compelling images for a wide range of clients (real estate, construction, tourism, event, advertising, etc.). From way up in the sky, their mission is to capture images that reveal in an artistic or technical manner the hidden face of a project, the big picture (if you will), the broad overview and the stunning perspective from above.

Using the finest aircraft, our aerial photographers seek that original and unique perspective that will become a compelling photo producing the desired effect, regardless of the project, event or achievement being showcased.

Wouldn’t you rather use the proven talents and services of experienced aerial photographers?